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From small startups to large enterprises, managing day-to-day activities such as inventory controlling, invoicing customers, sending statements, and real-time monitoring of trade outstanding, expenses and profit and loss is crucial.

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With our comprehensive cloud-based sales force automation system, you can effortlessly streamline these operations and gain valuable insights through sales analytical reports. Experience simplicity, affordability, and unparalleled efficiency with TOPbookkeeper, the ultimate solution for your business.

Cloud-Based system for

Head Office

Our web-based system for Head Office equips your business with dashboard insights, efficient purchasing, smooth billing and payment processing, effective salesman tracking, integrated banking, and thorough manufacturing oversight. Grow and maximize efficiency in your business with the all-in-one sales force automation system, TopBookKeeper.



  • A quick view of your business to make fast decisions
  • Multiple charts
  • Different types of filters to view your data

Billings & Payments

  • Create Customer Invoices, Delivery Orders, and Credit Notes
  • Quickly check of Customer outstanding
  • Receive Payments fully or partially
  • Manage salesman Targets and Commissions


  • Create Purchase Orders, Good Receive Notes & Supplier Return Notes
  • Quickly check available stock for individual Salesman
  • Transfer stock between salesman stores
  • Maintain salable and raw material stock


  • View salesman GPS on the map
  • View salesman activities with the time
  • Salesman attendance with My Day start and end
  • Record vehicle odometer
  • Salesman Target vs Achievements


  • Manage Bank Accounts & Cash books
  • Manage Cheque returns
  • Search Cheques by cheque number
  • Quickly view available to deposit cheques for the selected date

Purchasing & Expenses

  • Create Supplier Invoices and Credit Note
  • Paid to supplier full or partially
  • Quickly check Supplier outstanding
  • Record business expenses


  • Create Bill of Materials (BOM) templates for each product
  • Start Production Job with BOM
  • Automatically reduce raw material stock
  • Calculate production cost per unit

Mobile App for Salesman

Boost your sales team's productivity with Topbookkeeper's Mobile App for salesman. Streamline invoicing for direct sales, manage sales orders and deliveries with ease, generate real-time reports, and access inventory information on the go. Empower your salesforce and drive success with our user-friendly and efficient mobile app.


Invoicing (Direct Sales)

  • Search customer by Name or QR Code
  • Add Discount & Free issues
  • Add Market Returns and deduct from bill total
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Receive payment fully or partially
  • Print Invoice from Bluetooth Pocket printer
sales ordering

Sales Order (Preselling) / Deliveries.

  • Enter Customer orders similar to Invoicing
  • Customer Orders deliveries are displayed on the map
  • Get the delivery direction from Google Map
  • Append order when delivery if require and convert to Invoice and print Invoice
outstanding colllection

Outstanding Collections

  • Multiple payment methods (Cash / Cheque)
  • Multiple invoice settlement for a single payment
  • Customer outstanding history
  • View payment history
  • Print Payment Receipt


  • List of all Customers
  • Add New Customers & allocate to Sales Route
  • View Customer Info (Credit Limit / Price List / Outstanding / Transactions / Sales History)
  • Pricelist for customer with Selling Price, Discount and Free Issues


  • View list of all Products / SKUs
  • Quick check of available stock and print list of stock
  • Request stock from Head Office (Loading Request)
  • Send Unloading Request to Head Office
  • Create Stock-In or Stock-Out requests
  • Create Stock-Take


  • Day End Report - Summary of the salesman day (Sale, Returns, Cash, Cheques, Expenses)
  • Daily Payment Collection Report – Cash & Cheques.
  • Item Sales Summary Report - Summary of Sales Items, Free Issue Items, Market Return Items
  • Stock Variance Report


  • Offline Operation - Internet is not required to invoice
  • Auto-sync with Head Office when internet available
  • One-touch to manual sync when necessary
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User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Discover the future of sales force automation and CRM management with TOPbookkeeper, the best accounting and inventory control software.


Customization Options

Customization Options

Configure the software to align with your specific processes and industry requirements.


Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Rest easy knowing your data is protected by advanced security procedures.


Cloud-Based Efficiency

Cloud-Based Efficiency

Access your accounts and manage finances from anywhere with our cloud-based solution.


Tailored for Businesses

Tailored for Businesses

From self-employed professionals to large enterprises, our software caters to businesses of all sizes.


Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain insights into your financial health through our detailed reporting and analytics tools.


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